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into the air. >>> more details coming out this morning about the deadly shooting spree at los angeles international airport last friday. police say 23-year-old paul ciancia arrived at the terminal pulling a suitcase with a backpack on top. they claim he hid the lengths of his assault rifle by cutting holes in both bags. he's accused of shooting and killing a tsa agent and they say he shot two other employees and passenger. he remains hospitalized after being shot by officers this morning. >>> thousands of marylanders learning pretty soon their policies will be gone because they don't meet the minimum requirements of the affordable care act. mike schuh live to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are over 73,000 such policies in maryland, high deductibles, many exexclusions, basically only good for catastrophic medical events. they don't meet the standards and are being cancelled but now some of those receiving such notices are having trouble signing up for the new health care act. for two years brenda nelson has been glad to pay for an additional plan in case of eme
this morning. here's don. >> thank you. >>> the man being held for the shooting at los angeles international airport is still being held with wounds. they're now investigating why he targeted tsa. here is teresa garcia. >> scott green was right there and ran for his life when a shooter opened fire friday at los angeles international airport. >> like he had his gun down like this. he took two shots. >> it was 23-year-old paul kik ciancia. investigators found a note in his duffel bag saying he wanted to kill multiple tsa agents. so far the fbi has not found evidence of previous run after run--- run-ins. >> billy bay say it could have been worst. >> about 100 people around him hiding. if he wanted to continue to shoot he could have. i read since he was targeted tsa so maybe he wasn't looking for regular passengers. >> at lax sunday terminal 3 was back in business. passengers streamed past the scene of the shooting while tsa agents displayed black bands on their badges in memory of the fallen colleague. >> police say ciancia was dropped off by a friend, a roommate. officials don't believe that
wounded during the shooting at los angeles international airport said he had to crawl away to save his life. he was waiting in the security line when gunshots range out. >> i continued down the hall. i remember a couple of tsa folks in the hallway. i wasn't looking. it just hit me in the leg. >> his leg was shattered by the bullet. that's why he had to drag himself to safety. yesterday the killed tsa officer was remembered at a ceremony in the airport. paul ciancia remains hospitalized after being shot by airport police. >>> in just a few hours twitter will start trading on the new york stock exchange. the social media company set the price of its initial public offering at $26 a share. that puts the value of twitter at more than $14 billion. twitter officially announced its ipo late yesterday via a tweet. >>> a necktie may not seem like the most original holiday gift unless it's one designed by the patients at the johns hopkins children's center. here is kai jackson with more. >> 12-year-old lila's favorite season is winter. she designed the holly tie. >> it's a plant you see during w
a key witness. >>> an update this morning on a man being held for the shooting spree inside los angeles international airport. paul ciancia is now said to be in fair condition at the hospital. the man was shot by airport police moments after a tsa agent was gunned down. several other people were wounded. ciancia is facing several charges that could make him eligible for california's death penalty. >>> a democrat is criticizing the president's handling of the affordable care act roll out. it's former president clinton. here is susan mcginnis with the latest for wjz. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> president bill clinton is among the latest to criticize president obama for failing to keep his promise. >> if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. >> that could help explain the latest poll that shows just 44% of americans view the president as honest and trustworthy. he's ordered his staff to find a solution for the 500-0000 americans
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4